Our Mission

 To meet people where they are — emotionally, spiritually, physically — and provide the services and skills that will allow them to tap into their own inner resources and live in a state of grounded well-being. 

OUr Services


Monthly massage Program

For $60 a month and a one time set up fee of $60 you can receive montly massages with any of our 4 therapist! There is no contract and you can stop anytime you like. All member will also receive %10 off with any other of your wellness practitioners! Put together the team that works best for your current lifestyle and health.

 $60 a month no contract



Experiencing relaxation shouldn’t be a luxury! It’s a necessity for maintaining the health of your body.  A variety of bodywork modalities are used in creating your customized massage

  • Therapeutic

  • Deep Tissue

  • Lymphatic

  • Trigger Point Massage

  • Myofascial Release

  • Reflexology

  • Kriya

  • Japanese Acupressure

  • Medical

  • And More!

Your body and mind will enter into a state of release and relaxation. Your massage and bodywork services will be at different locations, so be sure to check your confirmation email for the correct address!

Practitioners- Raleigh Locations

Kai Baylis  Elite Certified Tantric Educator, LMBT 9669
Wellness Guide, Advanced Meditator. TEXT 912 713 3879

Sarah Harrocks- LCSW, LMBT#16326 , Reiki Master 919 634 5727

Practitioners- Cary Location- Moonshadow Medical Massage

Lisa Barr- Certified Rolfer, Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner , LMBT #04755

919 466 9494, Wellness@moonshadowmassage.com Contact Lisa directly to book today for this location!

$90 An Hour

$120 for 90 mins

 $60 Massage program (only available at Raleigh locations)



Sound healing’s history dates back thousands of years. Also called Vibrational Medicine, this ancient practice can:

  • Ease depression

  • Reduce anxiety

  • Alleviate symptoms of PTSD

  • Assist with sleep

  • Return energetic balance disorders

  • Encourage a centered state of being

  • Access one’s authentic Self

Start exploration and transcendence of your corporeal bodies with ancient sounds from around the globe, including guitar, chimes, Tibetan Bowls, flute, gong, frame drum, and didgeridoo, will guide you into mediation.

 Practitioner-Garth Robertson   919 332 0628

$150 for 90 mins



Reiki is energy healing involving direct application of Qi (Chi) or Prana — life force energy — for the purpose of

  • Strengthening one’s energy systems

  • Reducing stress

  • Inducing relaxation

  • Promotes a return to greater wholeness

  • Energy remains high and free flowing

  • Capable of being happy and healthy

  • Achieving the clearest expression of your true self

  • Gentle reintegration with the whole

  • Realigning your flow of energy

 The further away you are from this place of being whole, the more stress, discomfort, and pain you experience.  If energy is low, you are more likely to experience dis-ease and stress. 

Practitioners- Sarah Harrocks Reiki Master 919 634 5727

Kai Baylis Reiki Master 912 713 3879

$80 An Hour

$60 Massage Program



 Curious about the healing and stress relief benefits of meditation in your life but unsure where to begin? Whether you’re an experienced meditator in a practice rut or an absolute beginner ready to explore, our mindful meditation techniques can

  • guide you toward accessing deeper levels of expanded consciousness

  • create open-hearted awareness.

Practitioner - Sara Phoenix

$150 per session



Cultivate a deeper and more authentic connection to yourself and others.

 Sessions specialize in

  • Allowing clients to identify and explore limiting self-belief patterns and

  • Integrate disowned shadow aspects

  • Creating a safe space to explore, release, and heal unintegrated aspects of the self.

  • Acknowledging places where we may be disconnected, numb, distracted, or empty.

Practitioner - Sara Phoenix

$150 Per Session



Through the use of simple and safe processes,

  • Discover how the human design for pleasure

  • How this is deeply linked to our wellness.

  • How our connection to ourselves, others, and Source are key components of health and happiness.

  • Gain skills you can use to bring sexuality into your daily life

  • Promotes deeper intimacy,

  • Comfort with vulnerability

  • Balance in your relationships

 Sessions last 60-90 minutes. Coaching, awareness exercises, movement, and touch techniques are used on our journey of discovery. Call for a phone consult or Visit Raleightantra.com for more info.

Practitioner- Kai Baylis  Elite Certified Tantric Educator, LMBT 9669
Wellness Guide, Advanced Meditator 912 713 3879

$160-$250 Per Session

3 Sessions $480




Do you, your partner, or your children want to lose weight? Are you dealing with chronic illness? Or do you simply want to improve your overall health?  Sorting through what’s truly healthy versus the latest fad can be confusing and exhausting.  Coaching works for

  • Individuals, couples, and families

  • Navigating the kinds of health-related questions that arise on a daily basis

  • Proper support and guidance

  • Regular health care regimen

  • Manage symptoms

  • Reignite your spirit of hopefulness

  • Create an easy-to-follow plan

  • Provide support through coaching

Practitioner  Alexandra Rose Health and Wellness coach 919 449 1858

$150 Per Session



Offered with the Superwoman who feels she’s carrying the weight of the world in mind, health and harmony coaching

  • Helps identify desires in health

  • Wellness

  • Family

  • Career

  • Supports bursting through the glass ceiling to make them a reality.

  • Make the amazing life you crave

Start your journey with one-on-one sessions or a movement series.

Practitioner Kaluwa R Ghalikar CHHC, AADP  727 729 9410

$100 Per Session


Conscious Relating Coach


This session is for those who are single and dating, or those already in a relationship.  You bring the topic to explore, relationship dilemma or questions about modern dating and get a half hour of focused discovery to

  • Help you uncover the answers within or the strategies needed to take you to a deeper authenticity in relating to others

  • Discover if you are in your own way on your quest to find love

  • Have of self-limiting beliefs

  • Putting unresolved issues from past relationships onto a partner you truly love

  • Need coaching to communicate in a better way

  Many of these patterns can keep you from the love and belonging you long to experience.  With intuitive and insightful dating and relationship coaching you can grab as much love out of life as possible.  

Practitioner- Deb Besinger -901 292 5878

$150 Per Session

4 Pack $417


Certified Colon Hydrotherapy , LEAP Therapist

Now that you are ready to be educated and coached. Here is how you will achieve and maintain a wellness lifestyle.

  • Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Colon Hydrotherapy

  • Nutritional Coaching

  • Far Infrared Sauna

  • Weight Loss

  • Various Detox  Programs

  • Migun Bed

  • Restoring balance to the mind, body and spirit

  • Along with other therapies and wellness retreats locally and abroad. 

Your body will heal itself according to Divine design.

Practitioner- Denise Souza - 919-600-8840


Contact Denise to schedule your session today!



You are what you eat. Now become what you truly desire and feed it well.

  • Blood work Food Sensitivity Testing

  • Gut Health Issues

  • Diabetes

  • Weight-Loss

  • High Blood Pressure

  • High Cholesterol

    Get to the root issue. Create a plan. Improve health and happiness.

    Practitioner-Betsy Covington MPH, RDN, LDN- 919 215 7609

    $150 per session



Ready to be done with your pain? Or have better sleep?

  • Ease Back Pain

  • Elevate Wellness

  • Manage Pain Pre/Post-Op with joint replacements

  • Manage Depression

  • Manage Anxiety & PTSD

  • 90% Success Rate With Migraines

    Get your QI moving !

    Practitioner- Ben Townsend, L. Ac.,MAOM, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)


    Contact directly to set up appointment