Frequently Asked Questions

When I use the word groupon it will not work? We only allow one per person. So your code will not work. You can apply it towad the total cost or contact Groupon directly.

My groupon is expiring and I need to get in before it does. Or will be honor it?   Yes. Just schedule as close as to the expiration date as you can and we will honor it.

I need to cancel my appointment. On your confirmation email scroll down to cancel or change. Click on that and reschedule on line.   

I do not want to schedule myself . We do not have a front desk person and are designed for user friendly on line scheduling and reminders. There is no one available to do it for you.  

I can not get my Groupon to work? - Type the word “Groupon” in the box that says redeem coupon or package. Do Not use the number. Kai’s massage is not available for Groupon clients.

I can not get the booking calender  to work? - Only the days that are highlighted in bold are available. Otherwise the grey numbers are full.  Kai’s massage is not availble for Groupon clients.

I have questions about a service? - You can fill out a consultation request form or look up the practitioners number on the What We Do page or the Meet Us page and ask them directly.

I accidentally scheduled 60 mins and I meant to do 90 mins? - Cancel your appointment through the confirmation email and reschedule yourself. You will not be charged as long it is not within 24hrs. 

Can I get an appointment today? No. You can contact the practitioner directly and see if they have any availability. Check the What We Do page for contact info.  If you have a groupon you will not be able to schedule that day.

I bought a Groupon and now want my money back. Call Groupon. They handle those issues.

Is tantra yoga a massage? No. They are private coaching sessions with some meditation, movement and touch techniques 

Contact us through your practitioners number on the What We Do page or Meet Us page .