Un FU spray

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Un FU spray


How to Use UnFu

Spray generously into the atmosphere around your home, office, car or yurt -- or mist directly onto your body (or a loved one's) for a stronger personal effect.

UnFu Spray clears negative vibrations and raises the energetic frequency of your environment. You'll feel instantly lighter, reenergized and more in alignment.

Made with organic essential oils, UnFu is also safe for pets and crystals

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1 fl. oz. (30 mL) spray - Original

A holistic aromatherapy spray made with organic essential oils and infused with ridiculously high vibes. Contains organic sage, blue chamomile and orange oil.

Spray generously into the atmosphere to cleanse energy and raise the vibration of your space, or mist directly onto the skin for a gentle all-day mood booster. Use before meditating, working, sleeping or any daily activity. Great for loved ones and pets.

The first spray in our line, UnFu Original connects you with your heart space so you can handle any future energetic clearings with love and compassion. Recommended as a starter spray. **Additional sprays coming soon!