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Kai Baylis Founder ,Wellness Guide, Advanced Meditator,
Elite Certified Tantric Educator, RYT200, LMBT#9699

TEXT 912 713 3879

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Ben Townsend, L. Ac.,MAOM, Dipl. OM (NCCAOM)



Garth Robertson Sound Healer, Musician

919 332 0628


 Alex Rose   Health and Wellness Coach

919 449 1858


Sarah Harrocks, LCSW, LMBT#16326 , Reiki Master

919 634 5727


Sara Phoenix  Energy Healing, Shadow Work , Meditation  Coach

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Kaluwa Ghalikar Certified Integrative Health Coach

727 729 9410

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Deborah Besinger Conscious Relating Coach

901 292 5878 


Betsy Covington, Integrative Dietitian, MPH, RD, LDN, RYT200

919 215 7609


Lisa Barr LMBT #04755, Certified Rolfer
Certified Rolf Movement Practitioner

919 466 9494


Denise Souza Certified Colon Hydrotherapy , Wellness Lifestyle Coach, LEAP Therapist, Author

919 600 8840

About our spaces

The Living Room Raleigh is changing the face of traditional bodywork therapy! Not only in how but also in where. Conventional approaches often focus on what ISN’T working. Instead, we want to focus on the positive, enabling and supporting your ability to connect to both the Divine source and your own inner reserves. We believe that nurturing the positive will allow you to find your perfect balance and thrive in all areas of your life. 


 To meet people where they are — emotionally, spiritually, physically — and provide the services and skills that will allow them to tap into their own inner resources and live in a state of grounded well-being.  

You will find our offices throughout the triangle. We are designed to literally meet you whereever you may be in the triangle!  Our network of providers work out of seperate locations. Rather than you always having to come to one place, you can find one of us closer to your home or work. 

Our space provides a number of tools to assist you, including Richway amethyst biomats, EMF blockers, crystal grids, and a clean and clear energetic space. Our space and services support and encourage empowering you with knowledge on finding your center in a busy life , as well as initiation of momentum to continue your healing journey on your own. Both are critically important for maximal balance and wellness. 

Our 15-plus years working in the healing arts, as well as our own ongoing daily practices, position us to help you move through the following three phases of healing: 

  • Awareness

  • Clearing old patterns/beliefs and Integrating upgraded patterns

  • Integration and rest

Each of our services benefits not only your physical being but also elevates and heals your energetic being.  We offer lymphatic and deep tissue massage, reflexology, Reiki, sound healing, Tantra yoga sessions, health and wellness coaching, holistic nutrition coaching, acupuncture, and mindfulness and mediation training. 

Singly, and especially in combination, these services can help you shift your lifestyle, moving you towards greater mind/body and energy awareness. 

Let us guide you to a new place of alignment in your life. 

Much love,